Video “Self Control”

The theme of this «Self Control» video is an allusion of Vanina Aronica to her opera singer’s classical formation inspired by the Opera of Mozart entitled The Queen of the Night.

Vanina conjuges again the classical and the popular in this resumption of Laura Branigam’s big success written by Raf in 1984,  she interprets the role of The Queen of Night surrounded with a court of professional ball room dancers, dances which she likes and well before the recent craze, proof of her creativity and avant-gardism.
The video was filmed and produced in the USA, in California.


Video “Carmen”

Extract of the album « The Sound of Time » of Vanina Aronica this version of the Habanera from Carmen of Bizet, recorded by a full orchestra with modern arrangements by Charles Callelo, offers a musical performance and a video story identical to the original Opera, with an updated and adapted story in which Vanina inspired by the current events of the Hispanic immigrants places the action in Los Angeles nowadays and replaces the Toreador Escamillo by a Boxing Champion interpreted by Roberto Duran the famous World Champion also called “stone hands “, which plays its own role in an exceptional participation.

Like a Toreador in the arena, the Boxer also risks his life fighting in a boxing ring where the wrestling is made man to man, rewarded by success and glory.
As for Carmen interpreted by Vanina Aronica, she smuggles of passports and resident’s permits (Green Cards) and is arrested by the American Immigration authorities to which Don José belongs.

The ” Carmen’s ” video was produced and realized in Los Angeles (California) in two versions, French and American.

Video “Por Que”

Vanina Aronica meets Carlos Eleta Almaran the composer of the famous song “Historia of Amor” during a concert in Panama City. Inspired by her talent he composes for her a ballad entitled “Por Que” with moving lyrics, it will be orchestrated by Charles Callelo and recorded exclusively by Vanina on her album ” The Sound of Time “.

A unique and original song inaugurated by Vanina, fruit of an exceptional artistic and human collaboration between Vanina and Carlos Eleta Almaran who also honored her of a written dedication quite specially on her album ” The Sound of Time “.

For the creation and the realization of the “Por Que” video, Vanina obtained the exceptional participation of the World Boxing Champion Roberto Duran called «stone hands» in which he plays his Boxing Champion’s own role but in the story of Por Que, the one of a couple losing its love at the price of success, going away one from the other in spite of their achievement.

The Por Que video is realized and filmed in Los Angeles and Malibu in California.


Video “Gala Lys d’Or in Paris”

This video was filmed on the occasion of the Official reception of the Golden Lily under the aegis of his highness Henri of Orleans Comte of Paris, heir of the Crown of France, accompanied by his wife and his mother Madame The Countess of Paris, Mrs Carven, Princess Angela Von Hohenzollern and many other personalities of the Parisien Gotta and intelligentsia among which the historian and encyclopaedist Mr Roger Caratini.

This Official reception organized in the Hotel Meurice in front of The Louvre Museum in Paris, honored The Professor Cabrol famous French cardiac surgeon and politician who successfully did the first heart transplant in France in 1968, by way of thanks for his courage and fulfillment, a man among whom the humility, the simplicity, the kindness and the great skills are moving.

Professor Cabrol has been the precursor in Europe who restored hope of life to all those with incurable heart diseases.

During this Official reception of the Golden Lily Vanina Aronica sings live, without microphone, three classic arias of which the «Habanera» of Carmen extracts from the Opera of Bizet, «Caro Mio Ben» from Giuseppe Giordani and the Shubert’s «Ave Maria» as an ‘encore’, she is accompanied by the pianist Mr Jean Luc Chapelin.