Vanina Aronica

International singer, Opera and Pop

Vanina Aronica

Vanina Aronica

Vanina Aronica sings since her childhood. After a classic training into the National Music Academy she begins early her opera singer’s professional career in the Opera of Nice. she will sing in many productions, shows and famous festivals incluing the Chorégies d’Orange, before leaving for Los Angeles where she completes her training studying Anglo-Saxon’s musical genres with Seth Riggs, legendary voice coach with more than 120 Grammy Winners, joining parallely an actor studio in Hollywood.


Vanina Aronica & Nicolas Martinuci - The Koventchina

Vanina Aronica & Nicolas Martinucci – The Koventchina

Vanina perfects to reach a vocal and scenic freedom of expression, forging her musical identity thanks to her unique mixture of genres between classical and pop, combined with her charismatic presence and her fascinating voice which makes her a complete international artist, with sensitive and lively interpretation.


Vanina Aronica & Franco Bonisoli - Guillaume Tell

Vanina Aronica & Franco Bonisoli – Guillaume Tell

Polyglot she writes in many languages and composes to, innovating thru all her influences, singing in different concerts and countries with her favorite « crossover » style between opera, broadway and pop.


Album de Vanina Aronica The Sound Of Time

Album de Vanina Aronica The Sound Of Time

Vanina records her first album in Los Angeles with a full Big Band orchestra under Charles Callelo’s baguette, a famous american producer and arranger who has also collaborated with Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra.



Vanina Aronica and Charles Callelo - Album Recording The Sound of Time - Los Angeles

Vanina Aronica and Charles Callelo – Recording of the album The Sound of Time – Los Angeles

She offers a selection of international songs on modern arrangements, among which Carmen from Bizet, Memory, Over the Rainbow, Historia de un Amor and Mama.


Vanina Aronica & Roberto Duran - Shooting of PorQue's video - Los Angeles

Vanina Aronica & Roberto Duran – Shooting of Por Que’s video – Los Angeles

She revisits the Habanera from the Carmen’s Opera of Bizet, which video reflects the original script with the difference that the action is situated in Los Angeles nowadays, she replaces the Toreador Escamillo by a World Boxing Champion interpreted by Roberto Duran in his own role(stone hand).


Vanina Aronica - Shooting of Carmen's video - Los Angeles

Vanina Aronica – Shooting of Carmen’s video – Los Angeles

As for Carmen interpreted by Vanina, she smuggles of passports and resident’s permits (Green Cards), and is arrested by the American Immigration authorities to which Don José belongs.


Carlos Eleta Almaran composing Por Que at Vanina's home - Los Angeles

Carlos Eleta Almaran composing Por Que at Vanina’s home – Los Angeles

Vanina obtains also the exceptionnal participation of Carlos Eleta Almaran, composer of the world famous song « Historia de un Amor », he will compose exclusively for Vanina the ballad called ‘Porque’.





Vanina Aronica - Album VANINA Cover - Los Angeles

Vanina Aronica – Album VANINA Cover – Los Angeles


Afterward, Vanina records her new album in Los Angeles entitled “Vanina”, a delicious musical journey on ballads and dances, with modern arrangements and lyrics issue from her feelings and life experience, mixing passion, love and humanitarian. A production born from a nice artistical cooperation with Mark Spiro, a famous American multi-awards producer, author and composer, close to Julian Lennon with whom he also co-wrote his Hit success “Salt Water“.


Vidéo Self Control de Vanina Aronica

Self Control Video of Vanina Aronica


She also proposes her unic cover of this album with the song ‘ Self control’, a contrasted version with a modern sound on the echo of the Ave Maria from Shubert.



Vanina Aronica & Carol Connors at the Venitian Ball – Beverly Hills

Vanina Aronica & her choir – The Venitian Bal – Beverly Hills

A unique mixture of genres typical of her vocal and artistical originality confirmed by its video-clip where she interprets the Queen of the Night, a wink to the Mozart’s Opera.


Vanina Aronica & the Professeur Cabrol - Gala of Golden Lily - Paris

Vanina Aronica and the Professeur Cabrol – Gala of Golden Lily – Paris

Meanwhile Vanina participates in diverse concerts and events including charities, between the USA, South America and Europe amongts which:
– France : Official Gala of the Golden Lily in Paris, rewarding Professor Cabrol, under the aegis of Lord the Count of Paris;
– Portugal : Operatic Spring of Palacio Mateus with the Baritone Boris Martinovich;


Vanina Aronica & Mark Spiro at the Venitian Ball - Beverly Hills

Vanina Aronica & Mark Spiro at the Venitian Ball – Beverly Hills

– Monaco : Port Hercules open air concert given for the benefit of ‘the Rain Forest ‘ and the ‘White feather’ Foundation, singing with Julian Lennon and Mark Spiro, under the aegis of its Highness Prince Albert of Monaco;
– Los Angeles : The Venitian Ball in Beverly Hills, an exclusive charity event for ‘the Star Light Children Foundation ‘,
– Las Vegas: Guest Star in the television series ‘ Crime Story ‘ produced by Michael Mann and New World Télévision, producer also of the ‘Miami Vice‘ serie.


Vanina Aronica in Crime Story - Las Vegas

Vanina Aronica during the shooting video Crime Story – Las Vegas

Vanina follows her international carrier singing opera and pop, she returns with a new album and different original creations in diverse languages, with covers in which she keeps on using all the facets of her talent, her emotions and creativity, her warm, agile and sensual voice, on ballads and dances with surprising rhythms including with latino and disco influences.

Vanina is also the vocal coach for the Masterclasses of the Cannes Cinema Academy, sharing her passion, knowledge and professional experiences.

Vanina sings with her heart, she shares her passion with a large public and for charity causes in ‘crossover’ concerts mixing emotions, generosity and sincerity.



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